Wolves in the Pacific Northwest

Wolves in Oregon

Source: OR Fish and Wildlife  / February 28, 2013

Oregon Wolves - Wolf Use Area Map


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Wolves in the Pacific Northwest

Source: Timber Wolf Alliance / October 2002

Wolves occasionally emigrate from Idaho into eastern Oregon as the Idaho wolf population expands. So far this year (2002), the UWFWS has received 44 observation reports from citizens of large canid sightings in Oregon. It is believed that 25 percent of these are credible wolf sightings. Most of these observations were in the northeastern portion of the state.

  • There continues to be evidence of naturally recolonizing wolves emigrating from adjacent British Columbia into the Northern Cascades region and other areas of Washington State along the U.S./Canada border although there is no proof of breeding activity.
  • The last verification of wolves inhabiting Washington's Olympic Peninsula was prior to the 1930s. In 1999, federal and state tribal agencies released a scientific feasibility study for the Olympic National Park and concluded that the park could support roughly 50-60 wolves in about 5-6 packs.
  • Although there is no evidence of wild wolves inhabiting any region of California since the mid-1920s, a 1998 scientific feasibility study found that certain portions of the state could support roughly 400 wolves.