Adolph Hitler and Wolves


Excerpt from "The Soul's Code" / James Hillman

Taking Hitler as the supreme example, Hillman introduces us to several traits that seem characteristic of the bad seed.  The first is cold heart.  Hitler said, "Come what may, my heart remains ice-cold."

Hellfire is also associated with the dark daimon.  Hitler used fire for his demonic work; night marches with flaming torches, book burnings, burning Europe's cities, the ovens and chimneys of the death camps, and his own body in the Berlin Bunker was doused with gasoline and set ablaze.

The bad seed is also associated with the wolf, the big bad wolf, who wants to devour innocent little children.  In his early days Hitler referred to himself as Herr Wolf and changed his sister's name to Frau Wolf.  His name Adolf is a derivative of Athalwolf, meaning Nobel Wolf.  He even named three of his military headquarters Wolfsschanze, Wolfsschlucht and Werwolf.  His favorite dogs were wolfshunde, and he referred to his SS as "my pack of wolves."  Anality is another fixation of the demonic.