McKenzie Wolf

The Mackenzie Wolf was originally classified as Canis lupus mackenzii, the Northwest Territories wolf; not recognized as a sub-species of the Gray Wolf until 1943.

In 1992, this wolf was re-classified as Canis lupus occidentalis, common with wolves in Alaska and Western Canada.

Terms such as timber wolf, arctic wolf, buffalo, buffalo runner and Mackenzie wolf are all descriptive terms for the Gray Wolf.

The main prey of this wolf is the caribou.

Most studies of this wolf occurred in the Mackenzie District of the Northwest Territories in Canada.

Not much has been "published" on Canis lupus mackenzii but one of the most comprehensive studies was done in 1954 by W.A. Fuller, Wolf Control Operations, Southern Mackenzie District, Canada Wildlife Service Report.

Mech and Busch make little reference to the former Canis lupus mackenzii